Letter to a girl

August 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

This was written by someone else, but needed to live for longer than 7 days:

We may not be seeing each other as often from now on, but please remember that in our brief time together you were easily the most beautiful girl in the office, and more beautiful than all of the other girls I saw on the train to and from, on the weekends, and on all the billboards next to the train and office. More than that, our time together was special in a way that far exceeded the other visits from our other coworkers. You made that shit special. And it wasn’t just ‘cuz you were contractually obligated to. We got chemistry. And curse me for buying into our atmosphere of paranoia and fear. I hid behind a false name here while you got moxy to go for it and damn the consequences. I admire the hell out of you. You got nerve and character and spirit and passion and I would love to have more of it in my life but if that’s not gonna be the case then so be it. If we won’t see each other again then I understand but I hope you find someone with whom you can make history.


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