Our office, sometimes

June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

We work in the same office, but don’t work for the same company. I have to walk past your desk to get to the bathroom and the kitchen and all sorts of other places I go to get away from my desk for a few minutes.

You’re not in the office every day, but when you are, it makes those walks a little more exciting.

Once, I saw you leaving Clarks on Belmont at two in the morning. You were wearing a sailor’s hat. I hadn’t realized how cute you were at that point, so I just laughed at you and at the coincidence from my table.

A month or two later we talked at the copy machine – quite awkwardly, of course. That’s when I noticed how cute you are. I often find myself wanting to talk to you again, but this time in hurried, breathless whispers.

One day last week you got up to pick something up from the printer just in time for me to spend a wonderful little moment staring at your backside. As I squished past the narrow space between you and the file cabinet, I couldn’t help but think about the hundreds of stairwells in our building and how empty most of them probably were at that very moment.

I never know what to say to you, and our lofty office never seems like the right place anyway. Perhaps you get excited when I walk by too, and perhaps we can think of something to do about that. I have a few ideas. I wonder if you do as well.


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