When waiting

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s kind of like being in Chicago, this 1 train. It’s not on the lowest track, so we’re just one level under ground. I’m standing near the back door — the one people use to walk between trains.   Looking across the connection, it looks the same as it did in Chicago — another car following closely behind, full of strangers who kind of look like the people on my train. Strangers ill never see again, probably.  

I’m off the 1 now, though. Waiting for the D train. I’m on the lower track now. It’s much hotter down here. The air is heavy, but no one seems weighed down by it, except me, probably.  

Last night, after waiting on a similar platform for about 25 minutes, I certainly started to feel the weight of the air pulling me closer to the ground with every breath. My face would flush and a strange coldness would flash through my cheeks and forehead. I would blink and my body temperature would return to hot, as quickly as it flashed.


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