Monster mash

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was seeing everyone in double. Their regular self, and then their skin with a hazy green tint over it, making them look like monsters. Green with envy? I doubt it. I was running around grabbing things from my room and shoving them into a carry-on sized suitcase when my dad came out carrying a bookshelf.  Where the hell am I going to put that?   We invited the whole family to the going away party, even gave them two weeks notice. Only three people showed up. Uncle Andy was there, but he mostly stood outside shaking his head at the whole thing. Joy and Jeremy made it, too, and surprisingly, Joy didn’t talk about herself the whole time.   I was in a rush. The party started thirty minutes before my flight was scheduled to depart. Aren’t I supposed to be boarding thirty minutes before my flight is scheduled to depart? Who’s idea was that?  Anyway, I don’t remember if I made it or not. But I do remember I didn’t have time to say goodbye.


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