Frazzeled & Zainy

September 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I had had my wits about me, I would have given you the real explanation – the one I had spent the whole flight thinking about. I would have told you that the book is great because JD Salinger creates a world that mirrors his characters and their dilemmas with impeccable detail. I would have gone on to say that the two characters, as they throw around impossible questions about living, echo the conversations I often have with myself. I would have mentioned that most of the book is dedicated to beautifully written prose about the set-up of a room, or the expression on a face and on occassion, the descriptions will be interrupted by long episodes of dialogue – dialogue spoken by one character at a time speaking at, distinctly not with, another character. I would have gone on like this, piquing your interest, getting lost once again in the wonder and confusion of that lovely little book, had I not been so caught off guard by your question. Funny, too, since I was just telling a friend of mine how that very question would be, to me, the ultimate pick up line.

I hope the next time you pick up the book is the time you read it.


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